What is Sociumn?

Sociumn is a purpose-built platform that fosters connections within our local communities.

Our mission is to provide an effortless way for members to share their unique events and experiences.

We've streamlined event discovery, making it a breeze to access and participate in exciting local happenings.

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The Pin Page

Each post on Sociumn is an event (or experience), showcased on its own Pin page that makes it easy to share all the event details with a simple link.

Tip: Did you know you can run your own ad on your pin!

The Profile Map

Every user enjoys a unique profile map, serving as a central hub for all their events and experiences allowing them to share all their events with a single link.

Users can follow you and receive updates on your future events.

Additional features on the profile page include:

Community Exploration Page

The Community Exploration Page is a hub for discovering events based on interests and location.

All pins are are categorized by type, allowing users to explore interests and local communities.


Become a Beta User

Joining the beta group allows you access to premium features . The goal of this group is experiment and see how we can use Sociumn to drive traffic your way.

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