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Under the Arizona Stars

A Guide to Stargazing in Arizona


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Under the Arizona Stars is a captivating guide to stargazing in Arizona’s enchanting night sky. It offers a journey through the best celestial viewing spots, from the Grand Canyon to Sedona’s deserts. The book combines vivid descriptions, astronomy insights, and mythology, making it perfect for both amateur astronomers and curious beginners. Enhanced with beautiful photographs and practical stargazing tips, this book is an essential companion for anyone enchanted by the night sky’s beauty in Arizona 

  1. Introduction to the Arizona Sky
    • The Magic of Desert Stargazing
    • Why Arizona Is Unique for Astronomers
  2. Astronomy Basics
    • Understanding the Night Sky
    • Equipment Essentials for Stargazing
  3. The Grand Canyon Under the Stars
    • Star Parties and Viewing Tips
    • The Canyon’s Celestial Wonders
  4. Sedona’s Red Rock Constellations
    • Navigating the Night Sky in Sedona
    • Mythology of the Stars Above Sedona
  5. Dark Skies of the Desert
    • Remote Stargazing Locations
    • Wildlife and Night Photography Tips
  6. The Planets as Seen from Arizona
    • Best Times and Locations for Planetary Viewing
    • Planetary Mythology and History
  7. Meteor Showers and Cosmic Events
    • Calendar of Annual Events
    • Preparing for a Night of Meteor Watching
  8. The Deep Sky Objects of Arizona
    • Galaxies, Nebulae, and Star Clusters
    • Tips for Deep Sky Observing
  9. Astrophotography in Arizona
    • Techniques for Capturing the Night Sky
    • Equipment Recommendations and Settings
  10. Conservation and the Night Sky
    • Light Pollution and Its Effects
    • Efforts in Preserving Arizona’s Dark Skies
Language: English Print Length: 99 Publication Type: PDF Publication Date: 2023 Publisher: Wadoo LLC



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Hello! I’m Aubrey and I’ve been living in Arizona all my life. I'm passionate about writing about the outdoors and introducing people to new experiences.

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