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The Lanikai Pillbox Hike is a popular hiking trail located in Lanikai on the windward coast of O驶ahu, Here are some key details about the hike:

  1. Trail Overview: The trail is renowned for its stunning panoramic views of Lanikai Beach, the Mokulua Islands, and the eastern coastline of O驶ahu. It’s relatively short but offers a moderate challenge due to its steep, rocky, and sometimes uneven terrain.
  2. Distance and Duration: The hike is approximately 1 to 1.5 miles round trip, depending on how far along the trail you go. It typically takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete, including time spent at the pillboxes for sightseeing and photography.
  3. Pillboxes: The “pillboxes” refer to old military bunkers (observation stations) from World War II. These structures are perched on the ridge and provide a historical element to the hike. They are also popular spots for taking photos due to their elevated views.
  4. Difficulty Level: The hike is considered moderate. It starts with a steep ascent and involves some scrambling over rocks. It’s not overly challenging for regular hikers but might be a bit demanding for beginners or those with mobility issues.
  5. Best Time to Hike: Early morning is the best time to hike to avoid the midday sun and the crowds. Sunrise views from the pillboxes are particularly spectacular. The trail can get hot and has little shade, so adequate sun protection is necessary.

This hike is a must-do for nature lovers and those seeking breathtaking views of Hawai驶i’s scenic coastline. However, hikers should always prepare adequately and respect the local environment and community.


  • Access and Parking: The trailhead is located in a residential area, and parking can be tricky as it’s limited to street parking. Be mindful of local residents and do not block driveways.
  • Safety and Preparation: It’s advisable to wear sturdy hiking shoes due to the rocky and sometimes slippery path. Bring water, sunscreen, and possibly a hat or sunglasses. The trail can be muddy and more challenging to navigate after rain.
  • This trail is not suitable for small children or those with mobility issues.


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