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Tanque Verde Falls stands as a gem in the Coronado National Forest, offering an accessible yet thrilling excursion for families and hiking enthusiasts. Renowned for the variety of waterfalls and pools along its course, the journey involves a scenic scramble up the Tanque Verde wash, dotted with boulders, smaller cascades, and culminating in a spectacular waterfall. Its combination of accessibility and natural beauty makes it a popular attraction.

Set within a rugged canyon, the falls are sculpted by the flow of Tanque Verde Creek, fed by seasonal rains and snowmelt from the Santa Catalina Mountains. This creates a dramatic scene of waterfalls plunging over cliffs and ledges into inviting pools. The trail through this diverse landscape offers sandy washes, boulder fields, and rocky outcrops, with shifts in elevation that add to the excitement of the hike.

Access is straightforward, with a drive east on Tanque Verde Road towards Redington Pass leading to a trailhead parking area. It’s wise to arrive early to secure a spot. The 1.8-mile round trip hike to the falls is moderate to difficult, with a descent into the canyon and a mix of uneven and steep paths. Good shoes and water are vital, and it’s important to monitor children closely due to the terrain.

Descending into the wash reveals a pathway flanked by natural beauty, where families often gather for picnics, and the adventurous can continue upwards to where the trails become more secluded. Tanque Verde Falls not only promises a memorable hike but also a chance to enjoy Arizona’s outdoors in a spectacular setting.

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Visiting Season: The falls are most vibrant from late fall to early spring, a period when the water flow is at its peak and the desert comes alive with blooms and wildlife. Summer and monsoon seasons require caution due to flash flood risks and extreme temperatures.


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