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Ribbon Falls, nestled in the Grand Canyon, is a stunning and less-traveled waterfall known for its unique beauty and serene atmosphere. Standing at about 100 feet, the falls cascade over a travertine dome, creating a terraced appearance, a formation centuries in the making from mineral-laden water. This not only adds a geological intrigue but also creates a lush, green space at its base, fostering a diverse ecosystem within the canyon.

Fed by water from Roaring Springs on the North Rim, Ribbon Falls is nourished by Bright Angel Creek, which flows into the Colorado River. Its picturesque beauty makes it a favored spot for hikers on the North Kaibab Trail. The distinctive travertine formation is a result of calcium carbonate from the water, which precipitates and forms the travertine rock as it falls and evaporates.

Access to Ribbon Falls varies:

  • A challenging 16-mile round trip via the North Kaibab Trail with an elevation gain of about 4,885 feet, often requiring an overnight stay at Cottonwood Campground near the falls.
  • For Phantom Ranch visitors, it鈥檚 about a 6-mile hike.
  • Rim-to-Rim hikers can also add a 4-mile detour to their journey to include Ribbon Falls.

These hikes demand preparation, with the right gear and planning essential for a safe trip. Remember, overnight stays within the canyon require a permit from the National Park Service, while day hikers do not need one.

Permits are not required for day trips into the canyon, but they are for overnight stays.


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