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Mooney Falls, a magnificent spectacle along the Havasu Canyon trail, is conveniently located just past the campground, offering an accessible yet exhilarating experience for visitors. Named in memory of D.W. “James” Mooney, a miner who met his tragic end there in the late 19th century, this waterfall is steeped in both natural beauty and historical significance.

Standing at an imposing height of about 190 feet, Mooney Falls is the tallest among its neighboring waterfalls. The vision of water thundering down this vast height into the pool below is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Its sheer size lends Mooney Falls a majestic and powerful aura, enhancing the landscape’s grandeur.

A unique feature of Mooney Falls is the descent to its base. This descent is known for its challenge, as it involves navigating through a series of tunnels and ladders carved into the cliffside. The path, often slippery and narrow, demands careful footing and a strong sense of adventure. Despite the inherent risks, the descent is exhilarating for many, leading to a breathtaking view at the base of the falls.

Upon reaching the base of Mooney Falls, visitors are treated to a different perspective of its magnificence. The sound of the water crashing down and the mist rising from the pool conjure an almost mystical atmosphere. This demanding journey is unforgettable, offering an intimate encounter with one of nature’s most splendid creations for those brave enough to undertake it.

Mooney Falls is a part of the Havasupai region, requiring advanced planning and an overnight trip. For detailed information and tips on planning your adventure, please refer to Wadoo’s Havasupai Guide.


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