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Ernie’s Falls, located within the serene confines of Saguaro National Park East, offers a tranquil and intimate waterfall experience. Ideal for those seeking a peaceful escape, this secluded waterfall is a delightful detour for hikers and nature enthusiasts. Fed by natural streams, the waterfall’s flow varies with seasonal rainfall, presenting a lush contrast to the arid landscapes typical of Arizona. The surrounding park area, rich in diverse flora and fauna, adds to the falls’ secluded and tranquil atmosphere.

Exploring Ernie’s Falls: To reach Ernie’s Falls, start your journey from the Douglas Spring Trailhead, embarking on a 6.6-mile round-trip hike. The hike, with an elevation gain of about 1200 feet, begins on flat terrain but gradually ascends into the mountainous regions. Integrating a visit to nearby Bridal Wreath Falls adds only about a mile to your hike, enriching your experience with an extra scenic dimension. The trails are well-defined, although intersections might require careful navigation.

Best Time to Visit: Spring is the prime time to visit Ernie’s Falls, thanks to consistent water flow from melting snow or seasonal rains. This period also offers a comfortable hiking climate. Outside of spring, prepare for variable water levels that can alter the falls’ appearance.

Seasonal Visit: Aim for spring for the best waterfall experience.
Trail Guidance: Start from Douglas Spring Trailhead for a straightforward hike.
Combine Your Trip: Add Bridal Wreath Falls to your hike for an extended adventure.
Elevation Prep: Be ready for a gradual incline, especially as you near the falls.
Navigation Tools: Pick up a map from the ranger station for confident trail navigation.
Enjoy the Tranquility: Ernie’s Falls is perfect for those seeking a quiet and peaceful nature experience.


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