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Deer Creek Falls, hidden in the Grand Canyon, is a stunning 180-foot waterfall known for its powerful plunge. Best visited in spring or early summer for peak water flow, it contrasts dramatically with the arid Grand Canyon landscape. Accessible by a rafting trip on the Colorado River or a challenging 25-mile hike, it offers a serene, secluded experience.

This plunge waterfall is part of Deer Creek, flowing into the Colorado River, set amidst the Grand Canyon’s diverse geological wonders. The land route involves the Bill Hall Trail, Thunder River, Tapeats Creek, and Deer Creek Loop from the North Rim, open seasonally (closed from mid October to mid may). This demanding hike, with significant elevation changes, requires preparation and fitness and a night or two (or three or four) camping in the Canyon.

Visiting Deer Creek Falls by raft or hike provides a unique adventure, blending natural beauty with the thrill of exploration. There are a number of outfitters that make the journey to the falls.

Backpacking in the canyon requires a backcountry permit. This hike demands thorough preparation and careful planning, including adequate supplies and awareness of the terrain and weather conditions.


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