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Chiva Falls, set in the rugged terrain of the Rincon Mountains within Coronado National Forest, offers an invigorating mix of off-roading and hiking opportunities. This destination, devoid of a consistent water system, relies on rainfall and runoff for its cascading beauty. Encircled by the classic Sonoran Desert landscape, with diverse cacti and desert flora, Chiva Falls is a spectacular sight, especially during and after seasonal rains.

Navigating to Chiva Falls: The journey to Chiva Falls begins in Tucson, leading east on Speedway Boulevard to Houghton Road, then right onto Tanque Verde Road, which becomes Redington Road. After 3.5 miles on the paved road, continue on the unpaved section for 4.1 miles to a corral, where the trailhead parking is located.

The trek to the falls is a blend of off-road driving and hiking. The 8.6-mile round-trip hike on the Chiva Falls Trail includes a 961-foot elevation gain. It’s a challenging path, demanding careful navigation over rocky and uneven terrains. Suitable for 4×4 vehicles, the off-road trail presents an exciting challenge for drivers. For hikers, proper hiking boots, ample water, and sun protection are essential. Given the isolated nature of the area, a detailed map or GPS is crucial, and it’s important to inform someone about your travel plans.

Best Time to Visit: Visiting Chiva Falls is most rewarding in the spring or after late summer monsoon rains when the water flow is strongest. These times also provide more favorable weather for outdoor activities. Caution is advised during monsoon season due to flash flood risks and in summer due to extreme heat.

Image: Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash


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