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Discover Cheyava Falls, Arizona’s highest waterfall, hidden in the Grand Canyon. Experience its breathtaking 800-foot drop during the spring or after heavy rains.


  • Location: Nestled in the heart of Grand Canyon National Park, Cheyava Falls flows from the North Rim into the Colorado River. It’s a less-traveled gem compared to Havasu Falls, offering a unique, serene experience.
  • Formation: The waterfall is a spectacle, especially after winter or significant rainfall, cascading over Redwall Limestone with a 400-foot drop, followed by another 400 feet into Clear Creek.
  • Best Time to Visit: Springtime, particularly from April to June, is ideal, thanks to the melting winter snow. Autumn visits can also be rewarding, though the waterfall’s flow is more variable.

Photo: John Hays

Getting There: The journey to Cheyava Falls requires a strenuous 40-mile round-trip backpacking adventure from the South Rim, with a necessary backcountry camping permit.
Hiking Details: Securing a backcountry camping permit from the Grand Canyon National Park is essential before starting the hike to Cheyava Falls. The journey begins at Clear Creek Campground, typically reached with a two-day hike. Most hikers cover 8 to 10 miles on the first day to Bright Angel Campground or Phantom Ranch. On the second day, they traverse an additional 9 to 10 miles to arrive at Clear Creek Campground. The concluding segment to Cheyava Falls from there is a strenuous 3.5-mile hike that includes an elevation gain of approximately 1,300 feet.
Preparation: Be ready for wet conditions, including creek crossings and sections where you’ll walk through water. Ensure you’re equipped for a challenging but immensely rewarding experience amidst the grandeur of the Grand Canyon.


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