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Beaver Falls, marking the end of the trail in Havasu Canyon, offers a serene and picturesque conclusion to this remarkable journey. Unlike the towering cascades of Havasu and Mooney Falls, Beaver Falls boasts a series of smaller, terraced cascades that gently create tranquil pools at each level. This multi-tiered structure imparts a distinct and more subdued beauty, setting it apart from the more dramatic falls earlier on the trail.

The hike from Mooney to Beaver Falls covers approximately 3 miles one way, resulting in a 6-mile round trip. This portion of the trail is a mix of hiking and occasional wading through the creek, offering scenic views of the canyon. Though beautiful, the path can be challenging, requiring a fair level of physical fitness and a taste for adventurous hiking.

As hikers progress to Beaver Falls, they are treated to a tapestry of natural landscapes, each adding to the richness of the experience. Upon arrival at Beaver Falls, the journey reaches its peaceful climax, where the soft flow of water over the terraced rocks provides an ideal spot for relaxation and reflection.

Significantly, the creek from Beaver Falls flows onward to meet the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. This convergence symbolizes the link between these individual natural wonders and the grandeur of the larger Grand Canyon ecosystem. The presence of Beaver Falls, therefore, is not just as the final destination of a waterfall trek but as an integral part of the grand narrative of the area’s natural splendor.

Photo By Chris Ballance

Beaver Falls is a part of the Havasupai region, requiring advanced planning and an overnight trip. For detailed information and tips on planning your adventure, please refer to Wadoo’s Havasupai Guide.


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