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Ash Creek Falls, located in Arizona’s Galiuro Mountains, is a breathtaking plunge waterfall, surrounded by dense forest and rugged terrain. At an elevation of 9,000 feet, it provides a refreshing respite from Arizona’s heat, especially during summer. The 2.3-mile hike to the falls is both challenging and rewarding, leading through diverse landscapes that offer a mix of high desert and mountainous ecosystems. This secluded spot is perfect for camping, offering cooler temperatures and tranquil surroundings, distinct from busier areas in Northern Arizona.

Navigating Ash Creek Falls: The trailhead is approximately 25 miles up AZ366, near the Columbine Visitor Center. The journey through the Galiuro Wilderness features unmaintained and sometimes unclear paths. The trail is demanding, with fallen trees, overgrown sections, and the need for boulder hopping and occasional scrambling beside the creek. GPS signals can be unreliable, making a map and compass essential. Due to its remote location and challenging terrain, hikers should be well-prepared, carrying sturdy boots, sufficient water, and navigation tools.

Best Time to Visit: Spring, with snowmelt increasing the water flow, and the late summer monsoon season are the best times to visit. These periods provide a robust waterfall and a cooler climate for hiking.

Seasonal Timing: Opt for spring or late summer for a full-flowing waterfall.
Trail Preparedness: Bring hiking boots, water, and navigation aids.
Wilderness Awareness: Prepare for wildlife encounters and remote conditions.
Camping: The area is known for it’s beautiful camping so think about spending at least one night


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