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Arizona Falls stands out as a unique man-made waterfall and hydroelectric feature in Phoenix. Re-engineered in the early 2000s, it’s built on a site that originally had a natural 20-foot drop along the Arizona Canal. Today, it’s not only a source of clean energy but also an artistic and recreational venue.

Historically, the falls were a natural feature where locals gathered for respite from the heat. In 1902, it became home to one of Arizona’s earliest hydroelectric plants. The transformation in the early 2000s turned it into a modern public space, blending art, history, and technology. Opened in 2003, the redesigned falls include an artistic waterfall, a hydroelectric plant, and educational exhibits on water power.

Arizona Falls is a prime example of innovative resource use in an urban environment, providing a space where visitors can enjoy the tranquil sound of water, engaging art installations, and learn about hydroelectric power in a peaceful setting. It demonstrates how infrastructure can be transformed into valuable community spaces, enriching the local area with both educational and leisure opportunities.

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Easy Access: Located near 56th Street and Indian School Road, Arizona Falls is wheelchair accessible, with paved paths and parking, making it a welcoming spot for all, including those with mobility challenges.

Year-round Attraction: The falls are a year-round destination, best enjoyed in the cooler months, from late fall to early spring, and offer a captivating experience when illuminated at night.


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