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Apache Falls is a unique and culturally rich waterfall located in the arid region of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Despite its modest height and width, the falls are remarkable for their considerable volume of water and the rare travertine base, a limestone type formed from mineral springs. This feature sets it apart in Arizona, where waterfalls typically grace creeks rather than rivers. The falls are conveniently accessible, just a short 戮 mile hike from the highway.

Beyond its natural beauty, Apache Falls holds deep historical and cultural significance for the White Mountain Apache Tribe. The site is imbued with folklore and legends, reflecting the tribe’s spiritual connection to the land.

Geographically part of the Salt River system, the falls emerge from the White Mountains and flow through a rugged canyon, showcasing Arizona’s diverse topography. The plunge-type waterfall creates a striking contrast against the backdrop of travertine and sedimentary rock formations, enhancing the arid surroundings.

To reach Apache Falls, take a scenic drive eastward on Highway 60 from Phoenix. After descending into the canyon and crossing the river, a short hike from the parking lot leads to the falls. The trail, winding along the river, is suitable for most visitors.

Visitor’s Note: Recognizing the cultural importance of Apache Falls within the Fort Apache Indian Reservation is crucial. Visitors should respect any guidelines set by the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Checking access conditions and permit requirements beforehand is essential for a respectful and informed visit to this culturally significant and natural wonder.

Best Visiting Time: The falls are most spectacular in late spring and early summer, following the snowmelt in the White Mountains, which significantly increases the water flow. While the river flows year-round, this period offers the most breathtaking views. Caution is advised during the late summer monsoon season due to potential accessibility issues.

Accessing these fall requires You need a San Carlos Apache Recreation Permit from Circle K in Globe. The cost is $10 per person.


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