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Fifty Foot Falls, located along the Havasu Falls Trail near the Grand Canyon, presents a breathtaking introduction to the enchanting waterfalls of Havasu Canyon. Often missed by visitors, this cascade-type waterfall captivates with its gentle, terraced mini-cascades over limestone, forming a visually striking multi-tiered display. The falls are nestled amidst lush, verdant vegetation, creating a picturesque oasis against the arid backdrop of the canyon. At its base, shallow pools provide a tranquil spot for wading and relaxation, offering a serene escape less crowded than Havasu Falls.

Fifty Foot Falls is not just a natural wonder but also a site of cultural significance for the Havasupai Tribe. It stands out as a secluded, alluring destination, reminiscent of a miniature Niagara Falls. The approach to the falls, involving a mild descent through tall grass, is guided by the soothing sound of rushing water, leading to a dramatic overhang waterfall. This accessible spot on the trail supports the diverse ecosystem of the canyon, providing an intimate and serene nature experience for visitors.

Photo by: Reed Wiedower

Fifty Foot Falls is a part of the Havasupai region, requiring advanced planning and an overnight trip. For detailed information and tips on planning your adventure, please refer to Wadoo’s Havasupai Guide.


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